Bakersfield dog training facility closes unexpectedly, customers demand refunds, liability

Bakersfield dog training facility closes unexpectedly, customers demand refunds, liability

Several clients who purchased sessions at the “Zoom Room” dog training facility in northwest Bakersfield are now left without services after the business suddenly closed without warning.

Margo Perea, like many others, said she found out over the weekend: “We never got a letter, we never got a phone call, we never got anything about the closing. Not even the last time we went, maybe two, three weeks ago of his last practice, they never said, “Hey, you know, just a heads up, we’re about to close.” “

It wasn’t until he Googled the phone number to contact the staff that he realized no one would answer the phone.

“It said permanently closed, so I panicked and called and no one was answering, I called again and left a voicemail,” Perea said.

We also tried calling, but no one answered. So we called the owner, Jared Vaughan, but that also led to voicemail.

Perea told us that he started attending the facility already in January. Like many others, she paid for the expensive packages ranging from $20 to $1,500 that would allow her to bring her puppy.

Perea said she is forced to pay $1,500 for three sessions and fears she won’t get it back.

We stopped at the business to see if there was a sign letting people know it was closed and there was but next to it was this bright pink handwritten note.

Without a name or phone number, he directed people who wanted to talk about a refund to the address of a home off Calloway Drive.

When we told Perea this frustrated her even more: “Why do you make your customers drive more or work harder for their money? For me it’s a very rough thing, I wouldn’t go,” she said.

The Eyewitness News investigative team went to the location, a home listed under Vaughn’s name… when we knocked no one answered.

Although the owner has yet to address the sudden closure, the Zoom Room franchise has sent a letter to some customers stating:

Dear Zoom Room Bakersfield customers, we hope this email finds you well. As you know, Zoom Room Bakersfield closed its doors this past weekend. This closure was unexpected for us here on a brand level, as it was for you. We, as a brand and franchise organization, are investigating what happened and whether reopening is a possibility. As a brand, we are 100% fully committed to customers and will do everything we can to try to reopen the facility as soon as possible. We will pass on any updates related to Zoom Room Bakersfield as soon as we are able to do so. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that Zoom Room Bakersfield is part of a franchise system, so it operates as a small, locally owned and operated business. Therefore, responsibility for refunds and related matters rests with the small business owners of Vaughan-Ballou Inc. The franchisor, nor any additional separate franchise locations, have any liability in this regard. If you have prepaid services on your account and would like a refund, please contact the business owners at We appreciate your patience and understanding during this situation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the store owners at the email address provided above. Sincerely, Zoom Room Franchising, Inc.

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