Kang Hyung-wook, left, hosted the show ″Dogs Are Wonderful″ with entertainer Lee Kyung-kyu, right, until May 13. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

‘Dogs Are Wonderful’ resumes – without controversial host Kang Hyung-wook

Kang Hyung-wook, left, hosts the show ″Dogs Are Wonderful″ with entertainer Lee Kyung-kyu, right, until May 13. (SCREEN CAPTURE)

After a four-week hiatus, KBS2’s pet training entertainment program “Dogs Are Wonderful” will resume next Monday, without scandal-plagued host and dog trainer Kang Hyung-wook.

“Dogs Are Wonderful” will air its 223rd episode Monday at 8:55 p.m. The episode will be the first since controversy began swirling around Kang in May. According to KBS, filming and editing will proceed without the program’s main host, who will be removed from already filmed scenes.

KBS2 temporarily canceled “Dogs Are Wonderful” on May 20 after Kang was accused of abusing employees at his business, Bodeum Company.

Kang and his wife, Susan Elder, released a 55-minute YouTube video on May 24 addressing allegations of workplace abuse. The pair admitted to monitoring employee conversations on the company’s messaging platform in the video.

Former employees reported the couple to the Namyangju Nambu Police District in Gyeonggi on June 11 for violating their privacy.

Kang gained popularity after appearing in the dog training show “There’s No Bad Dog in the World”, which aired in 2015 on EBS. Many of Kang’s public appearances, including the offline “Dang Dang Trekking” event scheduled for May 25 and 26, have been canceled since the rumor spread last month.

BY KIM MIN-YOUNG (kim.minyoung5@joongang.co.kr)

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