Rescue dog meets stranger

The “brave” rescue dog who is afraid of strangers has a sweet reaction to the house guest

Owners who adopt rescue animals often must undergo extra training or display boundless patience, as pets’ traumas and previous difficulties make them nervous, fearful, or highly reactive toward others. But every little bit helps keep them going.

A dog owner took to TikTok to celebrate his Staffordshire bull terrier’s recent victory when a guest stayed at the house for the first time.

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Five-year-old Rue is very afraid of strangers, owner Melanie Eyre said Newsweek. She prepared the dog by explaining that her best friend was coming to visit him and that she didn’t need to be afraid. He asked Rue to be a “good girl”.

Fearful dogs can express their discomfort in different ways, such as barking, growling, lunging or snapping. But luckily Rue’s experience went better than expected.

The friend’s interaction with Rue began with lots of ignoring and dog treats, as seen in the June 11 TikTok video posted to the @macrosbymel account. After a few sniff tests, Rue reached out to her owner for positive reinforcement, only to return to her friend for more sniffs and treats. Her tail was wagging the whole time.

The new relationship slowly continued to grow during the friend’s stay. The caption reads, “An update I’m so excited to give you. Our brave girl did AMAZING.”

A TikTok video shows rescue dog Rue interacting with the first overnight guest at her home. This was a huge step forward for the dog, as he is very afraid of strangers.


Eyre said, “She did such a great job, and my best friend Bri was such a big part.”

Eyre gave Rue breaks during the interaction, as experiences like this can be anxiety-provoking and tiring. Her friend continued to ignore Rue, an important step in training. This allows dogs to meet others on their own terms and without being forced.

Eventually, Rue felt comfortable enough to rest next to Bri on the couch, followed by the first pets. Before everyone knew it, the two were “best friends.”

“I hope the video can demonstrate that even though it may take a few extra steps, those extra steps are worth it for our girl,” she said. “Rue has an incredible TikTok family. We call them ‘TikTok Aunts and Uncles’ and their love and support since the day we adopted her has meant the world to us.”

Viewer reactions

The TikTok video has amassed more than 941,500 views, 142,000 likes and 1,191 comments as of Monday. Viewers flooded the comments section with praise for how well Rue handled the situation and how brave she was.

“She’s a good girl! Well done Rue,” one TikToker said. Another wrote: “Having her sit with her is such a big step I’m so proud of little Miss Rue.”

Another applauded the owner’s patience: “Your time, dedication and love is evident. Well done for setting her up for success!!”

One user commented, “It brings me so much joy to see owners actively working for their fearful/reactive pups! I know personally it can be so overwhelming at times, but they are worth all the work!”

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