The Gibsons Dogrunner recognized by the BC SPCA

The Gibsons Dogrunner recognized by the BC SPCA

Local dog training company The Gibsons Dogrunner has received BC SPCA AnimalKind accreditation, an accolade given to dog training companies that are committed to greater animal welfare.

Krisztina Harasztosi with her dog Csikasz

Krisztina Harasztosi, owner and trainer of The Gibsons Dogrunner, began volunteering and working at Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Center soon after moving to Canada from Hungary. Around the same time, she Harasztosi founded a dog-walking business specializing in private walks with dogs with special needs. During the pandemic, Harasztosi made the leap into dog training. She harasztosi says, “I went from dog walking to full-time training and behavior consulting, focusing on helping the neediest dogs—those who are fearful, reactive, or aggressive.”

Harasztosi’s firm belief in serving her community through science-based knowledge led her to pursue training in dog training and earn two certifications from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). “Although he was exposed to aversive methods in Hungary, I have always believed in the sensitivity of animals and the effectiveness of positive reinforcement. This belief is supported by scientific evidence, which shows that punishment-based training is unnecessary and cruel and can lead to increased anxiety and fear in animals,” says Harasztosi.

Nicole Fenwick, manager, research and standards for the BC SPCA, says, “Positive reinforcement training is evidence-based and has been shown to be effective and beneficial for both dogs and their guardians, promoting physical and mental well-being. emotional and strengthening the special bond between them. It is a win for the AnimalKind program and the Sunshine Coast dog community to have Krisztina working with dogs in the region and helping spread the message of humane training, especially because dog training it is not regulated in British Columbia.”

Harasztosi is looking forward to putting her new AnimalKind accreditation to use to help promote humane dog training within the Sunshine Coast dog community. Harasztosi says, “My recent accreditation with the BC SPCA’s AnimalKind program aligns perfectly with my commitment to aversive-free training and humane practices. By partnering with the BC SPCA, I aim to raise awareness of the benefits of aversive-free training and help guardians make informed, compassionate choices for their pets. Together we can improve the lives of dogs and their owners through education and excellence in training.”

Learn more about Gibson’s Dogrunner and how they help dogs and guardians on the Sunshine Coast!

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